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“Ah, that.” Hong Dali hurried to cover up. “That genius, you do not even know if it is a man or a woman and you like him/her already? Shouldn’t you at least find out who it is first?”


Because he saw the great Mister Gate who was laying on the sofa and looking at the projection. Of course, at the same time, the great Mister Gate turned to look at this second greatest Eagle-eyed Mister. They both “ah”-ed and spoke almost at the same time. “What are you doing here?!”


Moving on, she quickly saw another piece of information—”According to my intuition and deduction, this mystery man’s age is definitely not more than 20 years old. Because all of those formidable people that are above 20 are practically all Honorary Aristocrats. But this time, the Galaxy Aristocrats obviously didn’t declare anything. Therefore, this person’s age should be below 20. He’s probably a male, although regardless of being male or female, their stats are all 100 inside the tower, females are naturally slightly weaker in terms of martial arts. Therefore… Third, according to news, he’s from Shenluo City. But according to his performance this time, he doesn’t belong to any group or clan, the type that is very free and unrestricted. This type of person isn’t easy to tame. This time, the Galaxy Aristocrats will probably have a headache.”


Particle-beam cannons with a caliber of more than a thousand meters killed tens of thousands of Zergs with each shot. Also, those Zergs at the back all flew towards the starships. But when they knocked onto the starship’s defense domes, they were all electrocuted. Only a few Zergs managed to land onto the starships safely and released their corrosive acids onto the starships!


Half a minute later, Mister Gate was contentedly drinking wine from a wooden cup that had just been carved. He smiled and said, “Wahahaha, kid, way to go. You were right.” As he spoke, he looked carefully at Hong Dali. Suddenly, he leaned forward and pulled Hong Dali into an embrace—his arm was as thick as Hong Dali’s waist! “Kid, I like the look of you. Be my son!”


“His age is only 35 years old? What a joke.” While gathering information, she also filtered out stuff that she felt was wrong. “Those formidable experts who were already 35 were practically already well-known by everyone, how could it be that such a person only just appeared?” Sending a “the sender of this information is an idiot, no explanations required” reply to this post, she moved on to the next piece of information.

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The Honorary Aristocrats had advancement assessments. In normal times, making small losses and profits wouldn’t really matter. But if he really made a large loss, the stress that Hong Dali would have to face during the advancement assessment wouldn’t be small!


“Sell only one armor a day?” Gates was shocked. He took an armor which he had taken from the spacecraft previously. “This thing? Display one a day? One thousand Galaxy Dollars?”


To be honest, she had the intention to buy up all the armors. But since her husband had spoken, as his wife, she could not oppose him. Hence, she kept quiet—since her husband liked it, she just had to support his decision!


Out of the Star Harbor, Hong Dali stretched lazily and looked around. Ah, its a happy day, haha!


“Eh?” Hong Dali looked down at Luo Qiang, then looked at the great Mister Gate and second greatest Mister Eagle Eye. He bent down and picked up a brick, then sternly said, “The two of you bullied my Brother Luo Qiang last night?!”


Ah, haha. This is not bad. Hong Dali grinned as he asked Jiang Qianxue, Qianxue ah, this Sing! Milky Way, elaborate to us?


The reconstruction of the area that was beneath the school had been completed. It was now a huge new technology weapon manufacturing plant.



Everyone nodded in unison. As a Galaxy Aristocrat, Jiang Qianxue did not follow them to the appraisal room but came to the auction directly. They did not know what she was doing inside the hall. But seeing so many Galaxy Aristocrats spacecraft, everyone could more or less guess. Who else had the ability to gather so many Galaxy Aristocrats here except the beauty Jiang Qianxue?



As both were impressed by the new godsons ideas, Mister Gate suddenly said, Next, I want to see what my new son intends to do. He chuckled. I shall follow the instructions. I will sell all the pieces of equipment for one thousand apiece. I will not increase the price nor put them up for auction. I wont put the other pieces of equipment up for sale as well. I want to see what other money-making ideas this son will have. Wahahahahaha!


Mister Gate was proficient when it came to fighting, but when it came to discussing wines, he simply nodded profusely when he heard something that seemed to make sense. Especially when Hong Dali spoke about “aspire to eat your enemies, laugh and chat while drinking the blood of the Zerg”, it sounded grand and heroic. It felt good to hear it!


Main Mission Three: Squander fifty million Galaxy Dollars in one year. Mission Rewards: Fifty attribute points, one small special meteorite. Failure Penalty: Fifty points to be deducted from the Hosts base attributes. Points will be deducted at random from Strength, Agility, Health, Reflexes, Sexual Capability, and Outer Appearance.

  • Ah, that, haha, haha Hong Dali smirked and scratched his headactually, it was not that he didnt want to do anything. The problem was, the System was quite a cheat. Hong Dali was a kind person, after all. Kind people were usually responsible. Otherwise, if he had impregnated anyone, and the System had given him a mission that he could not complete, and anything was to happen to him, it would not be good to leave behind a kid and mother.
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