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Tianyi thought to himself. This Hong Dali intentionally does business to lose money, does he have something up his sleeves to turn the tables around?


“Ah, the reward for level 30 is quite formidable.” Hong Dali grinned and stretched out his hand. On his right hand’s fourth finger, a ring was worn on it. “This is a teleportation ring. As long as I have the coordinates, I can teleport there directly—of course, some blood is needed from me…”


To other people, this condition was probably enough to make them die from envy. But towards Hong Dali, this condition wasn’t very attractive—the main thing being, he really didn’t lack anything…


Here, powerful beasts and terrifying creatures could be found all around. Also, the items that the Galaxy Aristocrats viewed very importantly, the Soul Stones, originated from here too!


“In this world, talent is the most valuable thing!” Mister Gate stepped forward and looked Hong Dali eye to eye. “I heard that if I pass level twenty there would be wine for me. Where’s the wine?”


Tianyi, who got snubbed by Mister Gate, sat leisurely on a chair. He attracted the attention of countless girls. Apart from the fact that he was rather good-looking, the important thing was his identity as an Honorary Aristocrat.

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Li Nianweis face flushed red with excitement. She rarely asked for anything, but this time, she took the initiative to ask Hong Dali, Young Master, I think


Hahaha, dont worry, dont worry. Jiang Dongliu gently patted Jiang Qianxues back and consoled her softly. Youre still a child, as you grow up you will meet challenges and encounter changes. If you choose the right path, the road ahead will be wide and straight. If you choose the wrong path, it will be a narrow and winding alley. However, regardless of whether you take the wide road or the narrow alley, you end up at the same place. Theres not much difference.


They had all been with Hong Dali for quite a long time and occurrences like this were commonplace, so they were not too shocked. Otherwise, they might have been so shocked their heart might stop, and then they’d be nothing but a black and white photo…


Its my decision. Gate waved his hand. Get lost if theres nothing else. Dont bother me.


It was no wonder he was so pleased. It was not easy for someone of his age to achieve such results. Even the audience stood up and applauded him. Thunderous applause could be heard through the entire hall


What the heck! This was like selling all his stock and getting an additional one hundred and twenty thousand in cash. The boss agreed at lightning speed. Sold!


The consequences of that would be extinction for the Galaxy Aristocrats. The effect of one or two of such people might not be very obvious, but after time passed and more of such cases happened, the consequences would be very severe. Therefore, the Elders of the Galaxy Aristocracy would definitely not allow women from their race to develop a relationship with men from other races. For this, the Galaxy Aristocrats would definitely not hesitate to wipe out the entire planet and system that such a man belonged to in order to deter this from happening.



“I… I don’t know, either. Hopefully, I won’t be so unlucky.” Jiang Qianxue was so stressed she was close to tears. “I have just started liking him. Is this the end?”



Taking over the wine, Mister Gate looked and suddenly pouted. This Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine should be drunk with a jade cup. As the saying goes, a jade bowl holds amber light. If we use a jade cup or a jade bowl, it will add color to the wine.


“This little rascal.” The mysterious man smilingly scolded. “He is lucky wherever he goes, that is really something to be envious about. Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. Try to improve on our technology as best as we can. We are unsure when the Zergs will be sure, this is not something we can control. All we can do now is to do our best.”


More than 800 years ago, when Mo Tianji was still the number one warrior in East Milky Way, it was because of super-geniuses like him and Duan Xuan leading them to fight critically weakening the Zerg race that Silver-blue super-planet had enjoyed 300 years of peace as a result. Unfortunately, after that, because Mo Tianji was too obsessed with martial arts, he disappeared into the Universe. Such a huge loss had caused the humans of the Milky Way Alliance to feel great pity and regret.

  • “It’s really unexpected.” McGregor looked at the busy new technology weapons production line in front of him. He whispered, “We are preparing for interstellar warfare so soon. Sigh, Dali is not here. I don’t feel confident.”
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