The name ‘Google’ is a play on the word ‘googol,’ coined by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. A ‘googol’ refers to the number represented by a 1 followed by 100 zeros. It’s a very large number. In fact, there isn’t a googol of anything in the universe — not stars, not dust particles, not atoms. Google’s use of the term reflects our mission to organize the world’s immense (seemingly infinite) amount of information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google to change its name to Topeka and Eric Shmidt suggesting on the April Fools Day Oliver Topeka Kai.

We don’t really know what to tell Oliver Google Kai’s parents, except that, if you ask us, Oliver Topeka Kai would be a charming name for their little boy.

Oliver Google KAI was named Google

Oliver KAI 1 month Google KAI Oliver Google KAI , Elias and Carol Kai`s Son born in SWEDENOliver Kai in Lebanon June 2006

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Back that time, I expressed to him all my feelings towards Google Inc and the meaning behind the word “Google�. As you might know Google means:

1- Google Inc, The great and usefull search engine that make information retrievals a delicatess task.

2- Because Elias and his wife likes Google and likes their son to have as many friends as possible.

Google or Googol a large number 10100 10 followed by 100 zeros

1 googol = 1.0 à— 10100

was first spelled by a baby, a kid. The term was coined in 1920 by nine-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Kasner popularized the concept in his book Mathematics and the Imagination.

3- The Google Book by V.C. Vickes, 1913:

The sun is setting –
Can't you hear
A something in the distance
I wonder if it's –
Yes!! it is
That horrid Google
On the prowl!!! The Google Book 1913

The Google

Google AdWords Qualified PROFESSIONALs Elias Kai

Oliver Google Kai was born 12th September 2005

Googol means a huge number 10 follows by 100 zeros and we want it Oliver to have as many friends in the world as it can be. This word googol was first pronounced as well by a child when his dad who was mathematician asked him what to name a huge number such as 10 follow by 100 o and the kid replied him back Googol. ( source Wikipedia A googol is the large number 10100, that is, the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeros (in decimal representation).

A googolplex is 1 followed by a googol of zeroes, or ten raised to the power of a googol:

mbox{googolplex} = {10}^{mbox{googol}} = {10}^{({10}^{100})} .

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Oliver Google Kai is walking now , playing with the ball. ( July 12th 2006 )

We get letters (3) 10/17/2005 04:18:00 PM Posted by Karen Wickre, Google Blog team
This just in: Walid Elias Kai, a Ph.D. in search engine marketing, is, it must be said, an avid fan of our company. Dr. Kai, who is Lebanese, and his Swedish wife Carol live in Kalmar, Sweden, where their son was born on September 12. His name? Oliver Google Kai.
About this choice, Dr. Kai writes, “When we first knew that my wife Carol is pregnant, I said, ‘we will name our child Google.’ Everyone laughed and did not take me seriously. My brother said, ‘Yeah, name the next one yahoo fuji nikon.” And then, says Dr. Kai, the day came to make the baby official in the Swedish Registry. “I was with my friend Magnus Foss and my wife Carol, and I said yes, GOOGLE KAI. Carol knew how serious I am – she knows how much I adore Google services.”
Clearly not one to shy away from a unique moniker, Dr. Kai also tells us that in the Lebanese tradition both parents have a name related to the child. “All our friends and families are calling us Abou Google (Google’s father) and Emm Google (Google’s mother).” Of course, there’s a website devoted to young Mr. Kai. We wish him long life and good health, and hope his schoolmates aren’t too hard on him.” Google KAI födde i Sverige. Google KAI is our Son Third First Name غوغل

Oliver Google KAI was born on the 12 th september 2005. He lives in Sweden and travel sometimes to Lebanon, France, Greece. Oliver Google is our Life Fruit . Walid ELIAS KAI lives in Sweden. He lived in Lebanon and finished his first degree in Accounting Finance and then moved to France, Paris (Université Paris Dauphine e-Santé ) where he completed a MBA e-services, e-management, political organization power in 2001. He moved to USA, Washington DC where he worked at PTI and studied at American University. He was invited to Sweden for an eHealth European Market Research. Elias KAI is a guest researcher, speaker and lecturer in Search Engine Marketing, Usability Factors, and mobile Technologies Internetmarknadsföring Google Adwords Consultant, Google advertising analyst

Carol KAI lives in Sweden and is my adorable Friend, a great wife, my all. Website I Like, and Things I do ( at this moment, concentrating on finishing my Research Papers : eHealth ) Oliver Google KAI is Oliver Christian Google Kai son of Elias and Carol KAI . Following our Google`s passion www.google.com , we have decided to Name our Baby FirstName GOOGLE. Oliver Google KAI is now 7 months Old, He was born 12th of september 2005 in Kalmar Sweden by a Lebanese Father Walid Elias KAI and Swedish mother Carol KAI.

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Dear Walid,
i am samar’s instructor and by pure acident she informed that you have named your son Google…
man i thought i was the weirdest person i know,,, you over passed me,,, guess what i like it a lot and i think that no matter what we should do what we like and society should not have anything to say about that,,,,
i wish you son a long live full of success prosperity and most of all information….
best regards,
najy SFEIR, Ph.D

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