Google gives a Warning to Politicians after 2 major events ( Gambling, Foley )

I had always many critics concerning politics blogging and the connection between freedom of speech , Internet and old Media channels.

On the 3rd of October 2006, Eric Schmidt had an interview with Financial Times where he adress his speech to the conservative party and as part of a global attempt to educate the world’s politicians.

Many of the politicians don't actually understand the phenomenon of the internet very well. It's partly because of their often what they learn about the internet they learn from their staffs and their children,� Mr Schmidt said.

In my opinion, this comes with 2 major events that happened during the last days:

  1. One is the truth shown on one’s blog about Foley’s emails and Instant messaging. Foley’s case “Foley, 52, resigned Friday after he was confronted with sexually explicit electronic messages he had sent the teen male pages.”
  2. Second event comes after the September 30th. U.S. Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This Act is expected to be signed by President Bush as early as middle October. Even though the bill surprised the internet gambling industry (Online Poker, Sportwetten, Online Casino reviews ), reactions from U.S. and European internet gambling sites are already taking place. Internet gambling sites are planning to either adjust operations to the new law or shut down their operations in the U.S.; this means, the US$12 billion industry may collapse.

The current “TV generation� of political leaders had learned to “switch on� and perform in front of the cameras and most were now aware of the internet's importance, he said. But he argued they had yet to grasp the technology's implications, not least in terms of the power it hands to voters, posing the question: “If television created this generation of politicians, what will the internet do to the next generation of politicians?�
“The internet has largely filled a role of funding for politicians … but it has not yet affected elections. It clearly will,â€? he forecast.

Schmidt said that within five years, voters will be able to use a truth predictor software that shows the probability a politician’s statements are factually correct. “We [at Google] are not in charge of truth but we might be able to give a probability,â€? he said.

Author: Walid Elias Kai

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