Google Music Trends

what do people listen to when they are connected online or on their mobile phones ? Of course, this is a futuristic question.
But At Google Labs, we have the answers. Google Labs and mainly Google Talk included a project where they can track what people listen to when using Google Talk. Here is a full list of all music trends when people are using Google Talk.


Google Music is categorized By weeks, by music categories ( and by countries.
Rank Title Artist Change
Which players are supported for music status? After that, anytime you share your music status using iTunes ® , Winamp, Windows Media ® Player, or Yahoo Music Engine â„¢ , you’ll be voting on Google Music Trends.

We currently support the latest version of the following music players:

* iTunes
* Windows Media Player
* Winamp
* Yahoo Music Engine

We hope to add support for additional music players in the future

GOOGLE MUSIC TRENDS – 17-08-2006 – tip : Arabic Music

Author: Walid Elias Kai

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