Google YouTube = $1.65 billion

We all remember when Google bought Sketchup. After few hours Sketchup had this logo ( from Google was added).
I will wait to see when YouTube will have a similar from Google on their logo.
YouTube from Google
Google YouTube
No wonder Google is after YouTube: CNN Money Ressource
  1. Some utlimate reasons for buying YouTube
  2. Google Video Sponsored Ads and increase of advertising revenues.
  3. MySpace is the second after Youtube in online video market.
  4. YouTube is international and has potential of video search technology and close to its users.
  5. Google will not wait soapbox from MSN video to be successfull.
  6. Google also announced an online video deal with Sony BMG Monday as well as one with Warner Music Group.
  7. Cross search evaluation – Cross searching
    Search for “google” on youtubeSearch for “youtube” on Google video
  8. Use Google Trends to watch some recent comparative traffic.
  9. Google youTube
google youtube Source Google Trends