Swedish IT Companies

We will list some great deals by Swedish IT & Internet companies that has been sold:

Founder: Jonas Frost and Leif Carlsson
Amount: Sold for 102 million Swedish Crowns SEK to MTG in 2007

OnGame – Bwin Games AB

Founder: Hörnell Family Oskar & Karl Hörnell with Claes Lidell
Amount: Sold for 4,5 billion Swedish Crowns SEK to Bwin

Founder: Jonas Nordlander
Amount: Sold for 365 million Swedish Crowns SEK to Ebay in 2006


Founder: Richard Ericsson
Amount: Sold for 170 Million Swedish Crowns SEK to Sten Mörstedt in 2006

Founder: Niklas Zennström & Janus Friis
Amount: Sold for 30 Billion Swedish Crowns SEK to Ebay in 2005

Founder: Pierre Siri
Amount: Sold for 183 Million SEK to Aftonbladet in 2004

Founder: Kristofer Arwin
Amount: sold for 220 million SEK to Valueclick in 2004

Founder: Daniel Muhlbach
Amount: sold for 100 Million SEK to Coastal Contacts in 2004

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