www.facebook.com log in access from work

In order to access www.facebook.com go to http://babel.altavista.com and click on the “translate a web page” box type in http://www.facebook.com

Second step is to select language, select Korean to English because there is no Korean on facebook.com, it will show as plain English.

You can create a free political blog at OldRight.com

Another way to log in into www.facebook.com can be accessible from work if you use some proxy sites as


www.Facebook.com Lingo
facebook me used as a verb meaning check out my/his/her profile. Facebook me.
Facebook him/her.
facebook friends someone you don’t know well enough to communicate with in person;
someone you only know and only communicate with through facebook
facebook official personal information is not believed or valid until it is found on facebook;
posting personal information about yourself — relationship, job, sexual
facebook slut someone who requests a lot of people to be their friend.
facebook stalking checking someone’s profile daily for new information
friend me used as a verb; meaning request someone as a friend. Friend me; friend
gay search gay students searching students who are “interested in…” same-sex
partners, used to find other “out” students
I am going to tag
this; I’m going to
tag you
said when someone takes a risqué photo and threatens to tag the individual
on the photo; students that share their political views
narcisurfing checking your own profile a lot and updating it often.
out on facebook students that indicate they are interested in same-sex partners
poke buddy someone you feel comfortable poking on occasion
poke me used like “call me” or “let’s do lunch”; basically means keep in touch.
poking war two individuals that are continually poking each other.
stalker net;
referring to using facebook to “stalk” other students
stalking on
spending time checking out profiles of strangers on facebook or friends of
friends of friends; checking out the profile of someone after meeting them or
finding out they have been assigned as a roommate or group member.
Tag me said to the person who has been taking photos so that they know you want
them to share their photos by tagging you; means “make sure you add me
to your photos.” has replaced “email me those photos.”

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